Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Damm Ranch

This is our pasture. Since moving here to our new home , set in Tennessee. It has been full of country experiences. As growing up I had always dreamt of this place. And now that I am in my fifties I am now enjoy part of my childhood dream. It isn't a full picture of the dream I had. There were to be Children and all sort of Animals. Since I have never had any children and that I am at an age that it would be out of the question to have any . This place will hold the pets . Animals . I saw myself having , riding my horse every morning in this pasture. or on a dirt road.
This isn't that far off of having , its finding that horse. This has been slower then first thought it would be. Plans change. no matter how much paper you use. No matter how much thought you put into your dream there is always that one thing you didn't count on.
And with that , this is where we are. We look every weekend to see what kind a of horses are for sale, in reason of the cost we can afford. Then there is that consent thought . "are we able to do this. since we never owned one .Nothing large then a dog."? Again we put into place our plan. or thoughts on the subject. Giving hope and faith that our question to that will be answered. We are told that owning a horse is a lot of money. And like I said we have no way of knowing how true this is. And learning what they need . What is the care for it. These questions play over and over in my head.
I have for a long time . Believe in my faith . that if you are to have it. Then it will be supplied to you . And everything that comes with it . Even the down side to what ever your passion , your dream maybe . You just have to have faith and believe with whole heart that it will come. As I type that I am reminded of the movie . Field of Dreams , If you built it they will come. I guess that is why I love that movie so much . It touched deeply on my soul belief , that if you just put all of yourself into your dream , It will come.
We also have a boarding sign out in front of our loving home. Our ranch .We had a few boarders , Who didn't stay long. But long enough to see them in that pasture of ours , Giving us hope that one day there will be our own out there . Our barn is clean. We laid bedding in hopes that one day our horse or even that of a boarder will be using it.
I thought too. If there was a way , that we could help those travelers that were in need of a place over night . Traveling with their horse having to stop over night giving their horse a place of space it would be our Ranch . That I would like to offer too. Not just a bed or breakfast sort of thing , but also one for their livestock or horse. We are close to the interstate so that could happen.
There are so many things that I thought that would make my dream happen . I know this is all in God's hand, And with my efforts it would happen . It will be hard going, and the start is slow . But IT WILL HAPPEN! I have to believe in that .
So, as you browse along my blog take notice of the pictures and enjoy the comfort and peace you will see in them .