Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Finally making that first canoe trip

Here it is, Our first trip as a couple on the Buffalo River. I had been asking to make such a trip since we moved here. To get out doors. It would be me and my husband. We finally made it, and it was the best time I had had.
Of course I hadn't been in a canoe but only once. And that was on a small pond in Michigan. Well, to be honest it was a marsh. The friend that I was with was trying to teach me how to paddle. I can't say that I ever learned how to . Only that we did go in circles that day. Which is where my love of Canoeing came from.
This was so beautiful and great. There was many out on it that day. I was so amazed how many there was. Some had stop to fish, while others. Such young teens had stopped to make nose..
My husband did most of the paddling that day. Often asking if he need me to jump in to help. There was one area of this trip where the current was so bad, that the two women in their canoe had over turned and their canoe was filled with water. They weren't alone. Their parents weren't far behind. As we got close to them. I asked if they were alright and if they needed help. Of course , I knew I had no idea what we could do. Or I could do, since this was my first in a canoe,  They replied they were okay  and that their parents  were on their way to them.
I hope that we would have many more trips like this .  It was a two hour trip. And I so loved it. My husband said he had too . But, I am not so sure. Since there were moments that panic could be heard in his voice when we got to close to shore and we needed to get back into the flow of the river.
The most of this trip was one of togetherness. And  I had hope that we can do more of them .